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Lorin Leigh Beatty

Ok, most important question first - how did you manage to do all this travelling?. I want to travel as a lifestyle and I am still trying to work out how to finance it. I lived in Hawaii this past year (work-trade on an organic lettuce farm) and it was great, but if I spend a year in every place I go I will never see enough, you know? Please get in touch with me if you come across this comment as I would be very grateful for any advice or tips you could pass on. Much luck in your adventures, thank you for sharing them with the world. Oh, and why is the red lake red (bolivia)?
Many blessings,


Beautiful shots - I am heading down to Little Corn in May and am most likely staying at Iguana - not sure whether to do the Economy or the Deluxe Casita - which did you stay in?


Yes, I would love to know how you are able to travel to so many places. I would love to be able to do that. Right now I'm earning my BS in Biology at the University of Houston, US, but I don't want to settle down right away, because then I don't know if I'll ever get to travel anywhere. How do you do it? And is it truly that safe to travel to all these remote villages and Antarctica?
Broke Student-Candace


Well, we didn't decide to do this until our thirties so had plenty of time to save enough cash to do it. We'd love to do it all over again now, and are mulling over another trip later in 2008.

As for the safety issue, we travelled through all the countries you see on the site without any problems, including Colombia, Nicaragua, and Bolivia. We very rarely felt unsafe. Of course there are dangers but with common sense, and listening to local advice, we were fine.

As for Antarctica, the ship we sailed on sank last year, although no-one was badly hurt. We felt very safe on this trip too.


How can I contact Casa Iguana, I have sent them emails and I haven´t recieve any answer, do you have any information that may help me!!. Thanks a lot

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